Pink Noise: Flexing the Frequency

October 13, 2016 - February 25, 2017

Pink Noise: Flexing the Frequency demonstrates the prevalence of the feminine association of the color pink in contemporary art and life. Curated by Sarah Michelle Rupert, works by contemporary artists in the collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz - and beyond - embody the current ambivalence about pink, either embracing it and amplifying its message or rejecting it as limiting, outdated and trite.

In Pink Noise, female artists flex their collective muscle along that narrow rose-hued continuum - morphing and contorting, expanding and evolving assumed notions of femininity and a "female style". The artists in Pink Noise produce works in a diverse range of media: photography, painting, performance, fiber art, drawing and sculpture.

The more than 30 artists re-define traditionally "female" topics such as motherhood, performance, identity and objectification with a skeptical and discerning eye; and take on new topics once considered outside the female domain.

Having witnessed successive waves of feminism, artists are now breaking and bending rules as to taboo topics, subjects, and behaviors expected of them. They are refusing limitations once assumed to be the constricted purview of women artists. They are subverting stereotypes and expectations and creating an openness previously disallowed for women, and the color pink.


Tanyth Berkeley
Amalia Caputo
Jen Clay
Naomi Fisher
Kate Gilmore
AdrienneRose Gionta
Francie Bishop Good
Mel Kadel
Maira Kalman
Colby Katz
Brenda Ann Keanneally
Sheila Levrant de Bretteville
Karelle Levy
Amy Mahnick
Ania Moussawel
Portia Munson
Elizabeth Murray
Lori Nix
Peggy Levison Nolan
Kerry Phillips
Lisa Rockford
Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez
Lisa Sanditz
Alessandra Sanguinetti
Sandra Scolnik
TM Sisters
Shinique Smith
Carolyn Swiszcz
Jo Ann Walters
Jill Weisberg
Amy Wilson
Lisa Yuskavage


featured image: Kate Gilmore, Wall Bearer, 2011, Courtesy the artist and David Castillo Gallery, Miami Beach

Gallery Notes

Gallery Notes provide additional information about the exhibition and the works included. Find a full checklist, direct quotes from artists curatorial information about each artist and their work in order of exhibition appearance, written by curator Sarah Michelle Rupert and staff. Gallery Notes are available on site for self guided tours and online as an additional resource.

Designed by Veronica Shalom.

Press Release

Fort Lauderdale – Opening this fall is Pink Noise: Flexing the Frequency, Girls’ Club’s 10th major exhibition at the iconic 117 building. Curated by Gallery Director Sarah Michelle Rupert, Pink Noise demonstrates the prevalence of the color pink’s feminine association in contemporary art and life. Works by contemporary artists in the collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz...

In the Press

Girls' Club exhibit puts gender under the lens

Sun Sentinel
Article by Helen Wolt
November 30, 2016

The Girls' Club challenges female stereotypes in its current exhibit "Pink Noise: Flexing the Frequency." Motherhood, identity, performance and objectification are under the lens in the Fort Lauderdale gallery.

To mark its 10th exhibition year, the foundation chose to have some fun with its "cheeky" moniker... read more

Female artists sounds off against 'Pink Noise'
Article by Phillip Valys
October 5, 2016

Female artists confront and reject the color pink's feminine association in "Pink Noise: Flexing the Frequency," opening Thursday, Oct. 13, at Girls' Club Collection. About two dozen local and national artists tackle issues of motherhood, performance, identity and objectification in photos and paintings... read more

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