Upcoming Events

Artist Talk + Performance

Saturday, August 25, 6-9pm

Join us for a double feature as we dive into the topics surrounding the exhibit Beauty Con(Scious) on view at Girls' Club Warehouse.  Please be advised, this exhibit and event includes mature content including realistic and comical depictions of the human body.

7pm | Artist Talk with Beauty Baiser

Beauty Baiser founders Maria Copello and Erika Arguello talk about their growing beauty business, shining a bright light on body positivity, eco-friendly practices, heritage sourcing and spiritual skincare. Sample products from their organic, cruelty free line of skincare items and hear about their recent book, Beautyfesto Pocket Book that will "take the readers on a twenty one day journey to self love and empowerment."


8pm | Performance by Alyson Smith

Performance artist Alyson Smith presents a new work The Performance of Selfie, fixating on selfie-culture and representational aesthetics in the digital, social media-obsessed age. As her character goes to great lengths to obtain the perfect selfie, the audience is treated to an uncomfortable transformation.


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