Map(ping), 2013


by Felice Grodin
Limited edition folded map with text by Gean Moreno
Edition of 30

My work is also fusion of my background and the unique cities in which I have lived. San Francisco’s earthquakes, Miami’s hurricanes, New Orleans’ weakened levees, Venice’s rising lagoon and New York during 9/11, have left indelible impressions on me of the vulnerability and resiliency of life in the big city. In turn, my work posits a contemporary interpretation of the space that we live in today – a contradictory world that is simultaneously global, territorial and essentially always transforming.

Part of 2013 Artists in Action! series during Following the Line

About the Artist

Felice Grodin was born in Bologna, Italy and currently lives and works in Miami Beach. Working through various mediums through mapping and cartography, Felice explores processes that merge the physical and mental landscape. She obtained her BA from Tulane University and her MA in Architecture with distinction from Harvard University.

Her work has been featured at the Tampa Museum of Art; Manifest Research Gallery and Drawing Center in Cincinnati; Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts in Tallahassee; the Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle; and Dimensions Variable in Miami. She is represented by Diana Lowenstein in Miami. More information at