the [figure or work or reason or think or find or make or puzzle out] box, 2011


by Kerry Phillips
Limited edition set of oracle cards to consult to learn the answers to questions that you already subconsciously know the answers to
Edition of 30

This is a set of oracle cards. An oracle is basically something you consult to help your conscious learn from your subconscious answers to questions that you already subconsciously, intuitively know the answers to – simple enough (actually, it is simple it becomes oppressively hard).


Part of 2011 Artists in Action! series during Frances Tombly: Paintings

About the Artist

Kerry Phillips has shown extensively in Miami including projects with Locust Projects, the Miami Art Museum, the Art & Culture Center of Hollywood, the Girls’ Club Collection & Bridge Red Studios Project Space.  In 2010 she won Best in Show at the Boca Raton Museum of Art’s annual All Florida juried exhibition.  She has received other grants for her art making from public and private organizations as well as residencies and shows in Vermont, New York, North Carolina, Berlin, Krakow and France.