detail of artwork by Marielle Plaisir

Drawing Closer: Marielle Plaisir

Marielle Plaisir

Marielle Plaisir is a French-Caribbean multi-media artist who lives in United States. She combines paintings, drawings, installations and performances to present intense visual experiences. Her work explores issues of colonialism alongside those of race and class, through a range of media which include painting, sculpture, photography, installation art, and, more recently, film and performance. She examines, in particular, the construction of identity, exploring what constitutes our collective contemporary identity through new reflexes and the role of domination and power in the lives and behavior of people born in subjugation. Her work tethers together common issues shared between US black history and Caribbean History: the labor movements, the fights for equality through literature, philosophy and history.


Artwork by Marielle Plaisir
M.Angelou | In Series The Malediction of Cham, 2020
Inks, marker, gold thread, Swarovski stones on paper
13 x 18 inches


About Drawing Closer: Collecting at a Distance

In April Girls’ Club introduced a new initiative to sustain creative lives and introduce works by local artists to the public.

While the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 has shuttered museums, arts organizations, galleries and derailed artists’ income opportunities around the globe, like many, Girls’ Club has decided to take action.

Artists create. We collect.

Girls’ Club is reaching out to our network of artists and seeking submissions of recent artwork for consideration. Works should be made this year, in 2020, and have a retail price of $500-$1000.

For the next 3 months, one work per week will be purchased by Girls’ Club founders, Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz .

Each week, Girls’ Club will highlight the selected artist on social media. Through video interviews, scenes from studio life, sharing the details of other available works, Girls’ Club will promote the careers of artists weathering this unprecedented moment.

More information and submission link at