Wrapt Attention, exhibition opennig at Studio 18 in Pembroke Pines

Seven Affluential Artists Explore Themes of Opposition Using Everyday Object Elegant and enigmatic installations share gallery space with ornately collaged paintings and whimsical three dimensional pieces. Lucinda Linderman, Patricia Schnall-Gutierrez, Nina Surel, Bianca Pratorius, Carrie Sieh, Keith Haag, Phaedra Robinson

A Fashion Show of Original Designs Created From Repurposed and Recycled Materials
Show begins at 8PM

Curated by Jill Slaughter
Hosted by Renda Writer
Sponsored by Whole Foods
Hair and Makeup – Jigsaw Salon

For more information please contact:
Jill Slaughter
Curator of Special Projects
City of Pembroke Pines