WaveMaker Grant Program for South Florida Artists

Cannonball in Miami launches WaveMaker Grants, a program which provides direct support for artist-centric, artist-driven projects that have a profound impact on the critical, intellectual, and creative depth of Miami’s arts community. These projects are non-commercial, non-institutional, stimulate critical thinking and dialogue, and expose audiences to innovative artistic practices typically under-recognized by traditional venues. The very nature of these projects—unpredictable, courageous, and unencumbered by convention—spring from a cultural landscape that is endlessly diverse, nuanced, and equally defined by what is within and beyond its watery borders.

WaveMaker Grants provides monetary awards—individual grants of up to $5,000—to foster the development of non-commercial, non-institutional projects that are accessible to the public via process, presentation, production, or publication, and profoundly impact the critical, intellectual, and creative depth of Miami’s vibrant arts community.

Please visit www.wavemakergrants.org for more information.

WaveMaker Grants is made possible by lead support from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and is part of the Warhol Foundation’s Regional Regranting Program. Part of a national network of Warhol-initiated re-granting programs, WaveMaker Grants is the first in the southeast. For more information about the Warhol Foundation’s Regional Regranting Program, please click here.


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