The Nightclub presents Whiskey and Rye, curated by Amalia Caputo

The Nightclub invites you to Whiskey and Rye, the 11th of 12 events involving a network of artists, producers, and art students. Its aim is to create dialogue within a diversity of art practice through curated exhibitions showcased in a one—night venue.

The Nightclub is a collaborative art endeavor that initiates and supports critical exchange of ideas in art and cultural practice and the active development of artists, in-situ exhibitions and talks. Artistic Director Angela Valella in collaboration with Odalis Valdivieso.

Whiskey and Rye

Friday, February 15, 7-11pm
3841 NE Second Ave. Suite 103
Miami FL 33137

Curator | Amalia Caputo
Participant Artists | Mora Barber, Ángela Bonadies, María Cristina Carbonell, Marina Font, Moira Holohan, Elisabet Mabres, Rhonda Mitrani, Tatiana Parcero, Patricia Schnall-Gutiérrez, Janice Sloane

Whiskey and Rye presents works by ten women artists, which will hopefully unfold like endless, interweaving stories or bits of their life. The works selected for this one night exhibition will highlight the connection between the ideas of “the fable”, “intoxication” and the  “night” under the umbrella of the ephemeral of it all, be it a night, a four hour opening, a fable, or an intoxication itself. Fable in this case, refers to an open fictitious narrative or statement, often a legendary story of supernatural happenings, or maybe a narration intended to enforce a useful truth or fiction. The context of the ephemeral night will encapsulate their private world at its most unique and subtle moment, and the notion of intoxication can permeate as suggested de-variations of reality.

The Nightclub
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