Summer Salad at Girls’ Club Annex

On View June 25 - August 30, 2015

Girls' Club presents Summer Salad, an exhibition organized by artist Francie Bishop Good featuring the work of T.J. Ahearn, Elisabeth Condon, Francie Bishop Good, Teri Hackett, Gamaliel Herrera, Carol Jazzar, Karelle Levy, Tin Ly, Pepe Mar, Sarah Michelle Rupert, Carrie Sieh, Nina Surel, Stephan Tugrul, TM Sisters and Michelle Weinberg.

Summer Salad brings together the work of over a dozen, all except one from South Florida, who use collage and mixed media extensively in their creative practices. Composed of varied materials, the works on view reflect the layered complexity of contemporary life. Navigating surely the most image-overloaded era of human existence, we are each bombarded with densely packed visual material every moment to every day. The works in Summer Salad filter out the essential and meaningful from that barrage of blandness. They allow us to dive into the mix, enjoy all the flavors and textures, while preventing us from consuming too much.

The idea for Summer Salad occurred spontaneously as I contemplated the emptiness of my front studio space, aka Girls’ Club Annex.

Since I've been immersed in collage making in one form or another for decades, I decided to invited other like-minded artists to come together. Those artists invited other artists, and the exhibition grew organically, like the best summer salads.

-Francie Bishop Good

- Francie Bishop Good

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Summer Salad at Girls' Club Annex