#USInteriors, 2014


by Harumi Abe
Limited edition monoprints with watercolor
Edition of 30
7 x 5 inches

Part of 2014 Artists in Action! series during I think it's in my head.

For her AiA! multiple, Harumi Abe created 30 unique watercolor landscape painting to create prints from of imaginary visits to US national parks, as seen via Instagram photos. The works themselves are small, postcard-like momentos of her future travels, painted in rich watercolor tones.  Each print is of a different park vista.

I created [the series] in semi-traditional watercolor, just as the historical explorer has done as keepsake of his journey – in my case, however, vicarious journey through Instagram.
– Harumi Abe

About the Artist

Harumi Abe is a visual artist and arts educator. Her work uses semi-imaginary landscape as vehicle to represent the familiar and the sublime. Working primarily with oil and acrylic painting, Abe's work explores notions of identity, place and home and how those notions simultaneously inspire and conflict.

More information at www.harumiabe.com.