Ingrid Calame work from Girls’ Club overseas at Fruitmarket Gallery, Scotland

Ingrid Calame
Edinburgh Art Festival Exhibition
4 August - 9 October 2011
The Fruitmarket Gallery is delighted to present the first solo exhibition in Scotland of the work of American
artist Ingrid Calame, whose beautifully coloured, intricate drawings and paintings have a specific, if abstracted
relationship to the world. Calame’s paintings and drawings all begin with Calame tracing marks, stains and cracks
on the ground. She then combines, layers and retraces the tracings before transforming them into drawings in
coloured pencil or pure pigment and paintings in enamel or, more recently, oil paint. The works that result from
this singular process are beautiful and intelligent abstractions. Displayed in a gallery, they retain their
connection with the world outside at several removes, exerting an oddly insistent presence.

Hoo-koo-koo-koo (2003), from the collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz, is pictured on the left.