Girls’ Club named in New Times Broward/Palm Beach’s Best Of

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Best Art Gallery | Girls’ Club

For anyone who finds an art gallery espousing “Contemporary Art by Women” a quaint, anachronistic throwback to the early days of feminism, it’s worth remembering that one of the most surprising developments in the current political climate is a debate over contraception for women. In other words, women’s issues still matter mightily. Not that Girls’ Club features art by and about women exclusively, even though a recent show, “Re-Framing the Feminine,” focuses on work by women photographers. No, what sets the mostly privately funded Girls’ Club apart from your average commercial gallery is an emphasis not on sales but on programming. A recent four-week workshop, for instance, brought together artists and writers of both genders to look at, discuss, and write about photography. Add to that lectures, film series, and audience-participation events, as well as participation in the Third Avenue Art District and FAT Village art walks, and you have a gallery fully engaged with the communities it serves. You go, Girls’ Club.


Best Place to Meet Intelligent Women | Girls’ Club

What’s the sexiest area of a woman’s body? Her brain. So where does one find a sexy female brain in the land of beaches and liposuction? The Girls’ Club Collection is an art space created, curated, and managed by women featuring art photography by female artists. The gallery itself was designed by a female architect, and it shows in the grace of the angles and fluidity of the movable walls. Films by female filmmakers are screened. Workshops are held by female artists. So if you’re looking for a woman of substance, attend the next event at the Girls’ Club. But please, while all those sexy female brains might drive you to it, no wolf whistling. Smart girls don’t like that.