Under the Influence

October 22, 2008 - September 25, 2009

Girls’ Club’s second annual exhibition, Under the Influence, explores the phenomenon of cross-pollination that occurs at every level of arts production today. The work on view is selected from the Girls’ Club collection of works by contemporary women artists and from other artists and other art collections.

The presentation of this exhibition is a collaborative endeavor, co-presented by the Art & Culture Center in Hollywood, Florida. Both organizations are dedicated to enriching the arts community in Broward County, South Florida with cutting edge shows.

Under the Influence demonstrates the multi-faceted roles artists play in the contemporary art scene. Artists as curators exert a powerful influence on posterity, re-shaping the context in which artwork is seen and understood. The three curators/artists organizing the exhibition play multiple roles in the arts community, and their individual aesthetic and conceptual leanings will be felt.

The exhibition is assembled by a curatorial team of three artists - collector and Girls’ Club founder Francie Bishop Good, Girls’ Club Director and arts writer Michelle Weinberg, and Curator of Exhibitions at Art & Culture Center of Hollywood and art consultant Jane Hart.


at Girls' Club

Ann Hamilton
Louise Lawler
Amy SIlman
Michelle Weinberg
Carolyn Swiszcz
Vickie Pierre
Elisabeth Condon
Joanne Greenbaum
Lisa Sanditz
Amy Mahnick
Julie Davidow
Melissa Meyer
Madeline Denaro
Theresa Hackett
Mel Kadel
Kerry Phillips
Su-en Wong
Frances Trombly
Allison Elizabeth Taylor
Pepe Mar
Devon Dikeou
Jen Stark
Claire Garrett
Simone Shubuck
Elizabeth Murray
Ghada Maer
Elaine Reichek
DIane Arrieta
E.V. Day
William Cordova
Clare Rojas
Pipilotti Rist
Nikki S. Lee
Cindy Bernard
Cristina Lei-ROdriguez
Kevin Arrow
Petah Coyne
Rakel Bernie
Gregory Crewdson
TJ Ahearn
Teresa Diehl
Andrea Modica
Vera Lutter
Abelardo Morell
Courtney Johnson
Mariko Mori


at Art and Culture Center of Hollywood

Jiha Moon
Wangechi Mutu
Julia Oschatz
Alyson Shotz
Shahzia SIkander
Nancy Spero
Jennifer Steinkamp
Frances Trombly
Rachel Perry Welty
Pae White
TJ AHearn
Lucinda Devlin
Devon Dikeou
Tara Donovan
Inka Essenhigh
Lynne Golub Gelfman
Francie Bishop Good
Quisqueya Henriquez
Arturo Henriquez
Julie Mehretu