Dog Days of Summer 2015

Girls’ Club presents a series of informal artist development lectures, workshops and discussions revolving around useful presentation tools for artists on select Thursdays in August. 

Emerging artists, art students, recent graduates and  those looking to beef up their artist repertoire are encouraged to join and equip themselves with the tools, skills and resources to build their career.

Led by gallery director Sarah Michelle Rupert, seminars will focus on a different subject each day with a lecture the first hour and hands-on workshop, discussion and Q&A the following hour.

All seminars are free of charge.  

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2015 Dog Days of Summer Program:


Thursday, August 13: Presentation Time

This seminar will tackle the subject of artist presentation tools, focusing on building materials that effectively and succinctly communicate your work and intentions including artist statements, professional CVs, photographing artwork, documenting projects, invoicing and similar skills. Participants should bring copies of their current CVs, artist statements, invoices and other materials in hard copy or digital to discuss during the seminar.

Thursday, August 20: Art After School

This seminar takes a look at life after art school. Most undergraduate programs focus on craft, skill and concept building for young artists and rather than training students for life as a working artist. This seminar will introduce students and recent graduates to different arts-related careers, residencies, grants, internships and open call applications, with a focus on how to approach, apply and research opportunities.

Thursday, August 27: Social Media Mania

This seminar will provide a brief overview of social media ad website management for artists, discussing the ways in which internet-based platforms, particularly Instagram and Facebook, can serve as a promotional and creative tool while navigating best practices, online etiquette, privacy issues and focused messaging.


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