Artist Submissions wanted at Gallery 2014, in downtown Hollywood


Gallery 2014 is a working independent art gallery located at 2014 Harrison Street in downtown Hollywood, Florida. Gallery 2014 will provide a forum for new and emerging artists – students, local artists and unknown artists from the remote corners of the globe. Gallery 2014 will exhibit quality original art from artists who might ordinarily lack access to the public.

A portion of Gallery 2014 will be allocated to studio space for its “artists-in-residence” program for selected local artists. The gallery will also have flexible educational space for art classes, live studio sessions, lectures or seminars. The entire gallery space will be available for selected fundraising events that benefit qualified local charities.


Gallery 2014 looks forward to welcoming new artists to Gallery 2014 as exhibitors or as participants in the “Artists-in-Residence” programs or educational events. If you are interested in being considered as a participating artist, please email the address below, including three selected images that represent your body of work. You will be kept informed on the progress of renovation and the opening schedule for the gallery, and will arrange appointments to see the space and review your work as appropriate.

Include the following information in your email:

Studio or Work Address:
Home Address:
Telephone Contacts:   Cell, Work, Home
Email Address:
Description of Artistic Training, Objectives, Body of Work (max 150 words):
What would you like from Gallery 2014 (max 50 words):
Attachments (max 3 files, with dimensions and media description)

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Gallery 2014
2014 Harrison Street, Hollywood, FL 33019