9 TOPICS is a web project by artists/curators Amalia Caputo and Marina Font.

Using Instagram as a platform to engage local and international communities, the project calls for thematic artist submissions relating to a monthly topic on the theme of “the self.” Select artist submissions will be published on the Girls’ Club blog, and considered for a group exhibition at the Girls’ Club Annex Space in September 2015. Below are finalist for the December topic, INTIMATE SPACE:

More information and guidelines for entry at girlsclubcollection.org/9topics.

We are very excited about all the entries for the first TOPIC: INTIMATE SPACE. Making a selection was not an easy task.
Thank you to everyone who participated making this first step of the project possible!
We encourage you all to keep participating with our next topic: CORPUS

-Amalia Caputo and Marina Font


9TOPICS-Intimate Space Grid

Visit 9TOPICS on Instagram @9TOPICSgirlsclub.