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Exhibition Catalog


The Moment. The Backdrop. The Persona.

narrative and storytelling in contemporary art from the collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz, curated by Sarah Michelle Rupert and Michelle Weinberg
Exhibition Catalog

Artists in Action! 2015

Limited Edition Multiples


Leah Brown

Deerchildren, 2015
Limited edition sculpture
edition of 10
4 x 4.3 x 3.5″



Christina Pettersson

Christina Pettersson’s Grave, on Bamboo, 2015
Limited edition print on bamboo
edition of 15
8 x 8 x 1″




Natalya Laskis

Kitchen Dates, 2015
Limited edition set of two kitchen towels
edition of 15
24 x 16″



David Rohn

Dirty No2, Dirty No3, 2015
limited edition set of two archival prints with oval frames
edition of 14
9 x 7″ framed
$75 each

 Exhibition Catalog


I think it’s in my head

sympathetic vibrations, vivid metaphysics and explosions of psychic power from the collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz, curated by TM Sisters
Exhibition Catalog

Artists in Action! 2014

Limited Edition Multiples

Jiae Hwang - Acoustic fonts #1, 2014

Jiae Hwang

Acoustic font #1, 2014
Limited edition set of digital prints
edition of 30
12 x 18″

$35 each


Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez

Banglefest, 2014
Limited edition series of acrylic bangle bracelets with hand-altered 16mm film
edition of 21
assorted sizes

$35 each


AdrienneRose Gionta

One in the Same, 2014
Limited edition paperback book
with collaborators Frances Trinceri Malish and Annik Adey-Babinsky
edition of 40
11 x 8.5″



Harumi Abe

#USinteriors, 2014
Limited edition monoprints
edition of 30
5 x 7″


Each print is a unique image of different US National Parks.

Contact us for availability and selection.

 Exhibition Catalog


Following the Line

contemporary drawings from the collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz, curated by Carol Jazzar
Exhibition Catalog

Artists in Action! 2013

Limited Edition Multiples


Lou Anne Colodny

Flight, 2013
Limited edition fold-out book
edition of 15



Ana Albertina Delgado

The dream has arrested you and me, 2013
Limited edition set of His and Hers pillowcases
fits 12 x 16″ pillow
edition of 10



Felice Grodin

map(ping), 2013
Limited edition folded map
with text by Gean Moreno
edition of 30



Karen Rifas

U Tie It, 2013
Limited edition of stitched leaf on string
edition of 13


Exhibition Catalog

Re-Framing the Feminine

photography from the collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz, curated by Dina Mitrani
Exhibition Catalog

Artists in Action! 2012

Limited Edition Multiples

Ania Moussawel

Remembrances (Raw Kibbi), 2012
Limited edition of video still and recipe card
edition of 15


Odalis Valdivieso

4.2012, 2012
Limited edition set of 12 postcards
with text by curator Rene Morales
Edition of 25


Peggy Levison Nolan

Stay, 2012
Limited edition book and signed print
Edition of 50



Marina Font

Just a Memory, 2012
End of Innocence, 2012
Limited edition mixed media photo panels
Edition of 20
$80 each

Exhibition Catalog


Frances Trombly

Frances Trombly: Paintings
Exhibition Catalog

Artists in Action! 2011

Limited Edition Multiples

Susan Lee Chun - Marching Sioux figurine

Susan Lee Chun

Marching Sioux, 2011
Limited edition figurine with rubber stamp of excerpt of the chorus from Aerosmith’s “Walk this way”
Edition of 25


Kerry Phillips

the [figure or work or reason or think or find or make or puzzle out] box, 2011
Limited edition set of oracle cards to consult to learn the answers to questions that you already subconsciously know the answers to
Edition of 30

Karelle Levy

Shooting Star, 2011
Limited edition machine loomed stars
Edition of 15

Jen Stark

Tshirt, 2011
Limited edition cotton T-shirt
Edition of 50

Artists in Action! 2010

Limited Edition Multiples

Diane Arrieta

Superhero Embroidered Patches, 2010
Limited edition set of patches of 50

Samantha Salzinger's Omnicom2 Century/Ensor snowglobe

Samantha Salzinger

Omicon2 Centuri/Ensor, 2010
Limited edition snowglobe of 10


Margi Nothard's Time Out

Margi Nothard

Time Out, 2010
Limited edition timepiece of 7

TJ Ahearn's Surfer Girl print

TJ Ahearn

Surfer Girl, 2010
Limited edition print of 20

Other Books and Publications

by Peter Doroshenko

Rizzoli Books

Private Spaces for Contemporary Art
by Peter Doroshenko

The Collection of Francie Bishop Good + David Horvitz

With You I Want to Live
MOAFL exhibition catalogue


Michelle Segre, Blow Up, artist book

Michelle Segre

Blow Up
Regency Arts Press

TJ Ahearn, Jukebox

TJ Ahearn

exhibition catalogue

Beatriz Monteavaro, Quiet Village

Beatriz Monteavaro

Quiet Village
[NAME] Publications

Francie Bishop Good

Carly, So Far

Julie Davidow, Diagrams for a Seismic Bioscape

Julie Davidow

Diagrams for a Seismic Bioscape
Exhibition Catalogue

Art Fallout Merchandise

Art Fallout 2012 Tee

designed by Lisa Rockford and Ben Morey


Art Fallout 2011 Tee

designed by Julie Davidow


Art Fallout 2010 Tee

1 / $20
2 / $30


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