Pink Noise: Perspectives, an independent project by Tayina Deravile

Pink Noise Perspectives is an independent, web-based project by Winter/Spring 2017 Fellow, Tayina Deravile.

The project exists as a podcast series exploring the effects of the social constructs of the color pink to various individuals working in differing vocations. A teacher, a DJ, a noise artist, a producer, an optometrist, and a marriage and family therapist lend their introspection on the messages of pink and how the color relates to their respective practices. These brief discussions touch upon first memories of the color, anecdotal experiences related to the color, and vocation-specific queries.

Assigning social constructs to neutral stimuli - like the spectrum of light reflection that causes color - can be argued to have an effect on our own perceptions. When projected bias is cast onto elements that are neutral in context, lasting connotations exist.

Pink Noise: Flexing The Frequency, the current exhibition at Girls' Club, on view until Saturday, February 25, 2017, challenges the dynamic of a color that has been used to symbolize feminine qualities. The color pink has been assigned a gender  and as societal norms have advanced, so too has the color's meaning evolved.

I was interested in discussing how these intricacies have played part in peoples' lives. There is a discourse that can occur in regards to social constructs that result in gaining insight on our own perspectives. Examining the lessons  learned or emotions felt about a color, can help identify patterns in problematic social thinking; it can also shed light on the positive. Minimizing the intent of marketed tactics or belittling the effects, perpetuates misguided thought. We have to actively, consciously separate from these outdated traditions, to relieve our obliged view of color.

Consciously or unconsciously, these in-observable variables are intertwined in our daily activities. Stereotypical characteristics are also assigned based on professional practices. In Pink Noise Perspectives, interviewed individuals candidly speak about the color and its effects on their professional work and in their personal lives.

About Tayina Deravile

Tayina Deravile is a budding cultural arts administrator from Coral Springs, FL by way of Framingham, MA. Interested in the dynamics of the mental psyche and human behavior, Tayina attended the Universtiy of Central  Florida, Orlando, FL to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Her intrigue and curiosity in the conscious and unconscious thought, led her to further her education in the social sciences, with a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling at Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

While attending graduate school, Tayina began her career in art administration at the NSU Art Museum. During her tenure at the museum, Tayina was able to facilitate outreach programs, studio art classes, and engage the community through the education department initiatives.  As a proponent for beneficence, she views multidisciplinary art education as an engaging catalyst for well being. Her background in psychology and experience working with art institutions furthers her belief that art is essential in an individual’s overall mental health.

As a fellow, Tayina provided considerable support in outreach programming in events such as SPF '16, Now Be Here, and Lop-Off Session. She also sustained administrative duties as needed. More about Tayina Deravile's projects as Girls' Club Winter/Spring 2017 fellow available at

Saturday, February 25, 2017, 6-9pm

Pink Noise Perspectives premieres at the closing reception for Pink Noise: Flexing The Frequency. Join us for the kick off event and entertain your ear drums with the first episode in this six part series.

The listening station will be held up stairs in the Girls' Club mezzanine.

Andrea Salomone


Andrea Salomone is an elementary school teacher and has taught in the Broward County school system for 5 years. Her passion is playing and producing music. Playing for about 20 years, Andrea is a multi-instrumentalist, spanning from her main love of the bass, to guitar, drums, and piano. For the last two years, she has been a part of Miami Girls Rock Camp, which is a non-profit week long day camp that encourages girls to rock in South Florida!

"Miami Girls Rock Camp is a life changer for the campers and the volunteers alike. It's an incredible program that teaches girls to experiment with music and be confident about it!"

With her spare time, she produces music for local artists and her own experimentations. Her new project, Papaya Whip, is a three person band with her on lead vocals/bass.

"Papaya Whip is everything I could have hoped for: music that makes me feel, band members that fit just right, and an overall freedom of expression I've never known how badly I needed."

The Pink Noise Perspectives podcast is recorded at her space, Swellout Studios, Pembroke Pines.

Check out more of Andrea's music on her SoundCloud: